Kinetic sculpture - artist Mati Blaimont.

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Furniture as art

About Us


INperfect creates on-demand, functional furniture for all aspects of living, as a complement to its architectural and interior design consultancy services. 

Each piece created by INperfect is based on its desire to integrate natural, man-made and (re)found materials using local craftsmanship.  INperfect finds beauty in the imperfection, transience and roughness of essential elements. The aesthetic is playful, modest yet spacious, inspired by African forms, the Japanese concept of wabi sabi and European industrial design.  Ideas and concept are everything; each user makes the end-product their own.


Inspired by handmade Moroccan concrete and zellige tiles supplied by Opia Design SA.

A celebration of African design embedded in local materials.

The heaviness of steel against the lightness of form.

Objects as art pieces, every piece is unique. Perfection is an illusion, concept is core.

Natural solid wood. Ideal to quickly implement ideas adapted to your needs. 

Natural or in colour. Basic or sophisticated. 

Uniquely South African forms and shapes in bold galvanised or zinc plated steel.

Smart ideas for functional living at home or when on the move.


INperfect also provide services.
Never hesitate to ask us questions as it touches upon the essence of your daily life. INperfect likes to share and exchange experiences & knowledge. The aim is finding solutions. Our first service is always free of charge.


Custom-made = adapted to you and your interior & lifestyle. INperfect helps visualizing ideas, needs and desires. Do not hesitate to enrich your life and your environment. INperfect proposes multi-functional objects which can easily be adapted to a new second life. The options are endless. The combination of several different or identical elements will give birth to a new object. Each product is designed for indoors and outdoors.


An interior is not an exhibition space. We live in it. So we want a space that lasts for a period of time. An interior architect is not a decorator; there is knowledge and technical support in home domotica, electricity, structure of buildings, materials, site monitoring, 3D drawing and conceptualisation of ideas. Mixing materials, mixing colors, mixing shapes, mixing eras, highlight certain elements. They are all used to find solutions to your questions and to serve you best. There exist many styles with possible feelings that is necessary to choose. The choice depends on you and your environment. Inspire yourself by nature. It is always beautiful. Look outside and around. Watch your choices of clothing, music, movies, books, hobbies; they are clues that give possible answers.


The restyling service includes one to two days of face-to-face consultancy working with INperfect in your home, and can cover single rooms or a full house. After a detailed conversation on how you live and what’s important for you, INperfect proposes a series of changes for minimal home improvements with maximum impact. The assessment and advice is based on the many years of design experience and extensive knowledge of building materials, and takes into account the space, light, and people flow of the interior and exterior, as well as existing furniture, plants and art.

Designer Profile

SCULPTURE bronze/ glass - French artist Claire Fontana

Jean-Denis Sacre

Jean-Denis has worked as an interior & architectural designer and creator of furniture since 1996. He has designed and delivered tailor-made projects, including renovations and specially designed houses, restaurants and hotels in diverse settings, including Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Mauritius, Netherlands, and Spain. Over the years, Jean-Denis has built an extensive knowledge and understanding of contemporary building materials, while specialising in furniture made from steel, concrete, iron, wood and even leather.

He always looks at what is locally available and ecologically sustainable, and brings a wealth of ideas and international experience combined with a unique style that brings a personal touch to any project.

“I find inspiration in natural beauty, the wabi sabi philosophy, minimalism and classic styles and I am passionate about pure materials: wood, concrete, steel, tissues, leather and others. As a previously art gallery owner I also integrate art in my concepts.”

“My strength is to restructure spaces for better use and for well-being.”

For the outdoors

Featured Item

Outdoor kitchen unit with mini-braai facility. Option of built-in and additional LED lighting according to location. Standard version equipped with four waterproof electrical sockets, with connections for gas bottle and garden hose and waste water. 

It is available in two versions, either colored wood or stainless steel & bamboo.

  • Available in lengths from 180cm
  • W80 - H90 & 75cm
  • Price on request
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