INperfect also provides customised interior design services and interior architecture consultancies. 

How do we work?

Requests for on-site assessments can be made via our contact page, or clients can send us drawings, photos and dimensions of the spaces they want to see renovated or restyled.

What do we provide?

Our interior advice services range from conceptualising and reorganising spaces to colour selections and advising on appropriate furniture and signature pieces. 

We provide you with all technical drawings needed to start your project, including budgeting and administrative follow-up.

How much does it cost?

Do not hesitate to request for detailed quotations. Our standard price is about R 240.00 per squared metre.

Get inspired by some of our past projects in Europe.

This project was a full renovation of an ‘Orangerie’ attached to a home in Ghent. The project included  the design and delivery of a new swimming pool and terrace house.

An old garage in this house was converted into an indoor-outdoor entertaining area, with an enclosed area with double-glazed frameless glass and fireplace. The owner wanted bare features to express the materials and accentuate the surrounding nature, with skylight opening for light and a tree to push up through.

A full renovation and interior design of a ground floor apartment in Brussels. The custom-made steel claustra add depth to the room and allow for the display of art pieces, while rough hewn stone micro tiles complete the renovation of the bathroom.

A full renovation of a four-storey town house ‘Maison de Maitre’ – 4 floors – Sint-Niklaas.

Full renovation of a house situated in the Golf Estate of Bercuit.

Creation of a bathroom in an old stable house. Yvoir.

Full renovation of an old castle “Chateau”, Olsene.

We were requested to build a pool with ham-mam in the basement of this townhouse in Brussels.


Design and production of bathroom, with bath (left) and shower (right) with natural pebble flooring forming an extension of the house and part of the architecture.

The client wanted a 45m2 living space with a 15 m2 covered terrace for guests or for use as an atelier in the garden separate from the house. The design was minimalist with chassis-free windows without chassis and 40cm2 insulation with exterior surfaces finished in fibre concrete panels


This 40m2 modular residential apartment uses natural light features and insulation materials, with an interior room divider to add spaciousness.

Our inhouse designer was asked to review the facilities of a major shopping mall in central Brussels – Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Shopping centre.In the following series of pictures, you will see both the drawings that he made for the project and the final realisation.


This mother and child bathroom uses subtle pattern mixes and color contrasts in resistant materials for easy cleaning.