Get inspired by some of our past projects in Europe.

EEN TENT VAN STEEN. Property in Aalter, around Ghent. Thanks to Jan Verlinde for the photos & to Piet Swimberghe for his writing. Two quality people in their reports around the world. 

Outdoor pool constructed in Paris/ France. Excavated angles finished in tadelekt, a Moroccan plaster coating for natural effects.

A full renovation and interior design of a ground floor apartment in Brussels/ Belgium. The custom-made steel claustra add depth to the room and allow for the display of art pieces, while rough hewn stone micro tiles complete the renovation of the bathroom.

This project was a full renovation of an ‘Orangerie’ attached to a home in Ghent/ Belgium. The project included  the design and delivery of a new swimming pool and terrace house.

Full renovation of a house situated in the Golf Estate of Bercuit/ Belgium.

Aalter/ Belgium. An old garage in this house was converted into an indoor-outdoor entertaining area, with an enclosed area with double-glazed frameless glass and fireplace. The owner wanted bare features to express the materials and accentuate the surrounding nature, with skylight opening for light and a tree to push up through.

EXPO TEMPO. Art Gallery in Knokke / Belgium.  Five years at the North Sea. Thanks to Belgian, Dutch, Italian, French, Georgian, Korean artists.

Full renovation of Parisian hotel/ France. Hotel de Harlay.